Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First School Day Continued

In my first post I described what our school room looked like and in this post I'll go into detail about my observations.  Since this blog is mainly for me to record our progress, there will probably be more detail than anyone else wants to read about.

As I said before, our plan is to use the two hours while Bumblebee is taking his nap in the morning.  However, on the morning of our first day, he slept late and Link was really wanting to get to work.  I was taking the circle stencil downstairs and he wanted to come, so I let him.  He traced a couple of circles, then just drew with his colored pencils.  Then he chose the activity I knew he'd been wanting to do, the cutting.

Notice he used his right hand.  I keep thinking he is going to be left handed, but I'm still not sure.  He did not cut on the lines, he just cut however he wanted to.  He also folded the paper up to cut it.

Then Bumblebee woke up so we left.  I should mention that I probably didn't start this out the best way.  I told him before we went in that he could choose anything he wanted and, after I demonstrated it for him, he could do it by himself.

When we returned at 12:30, he chose the Land, Air and Water sorting cards.  He seemed to understand.  He got most of the way through the Air cards, but when he got to the bird flying over the water, he didn't know what to do with it.  He chose land, he said because some things don't fly very high. (the other things did I guess).  When he got to the grass, he was all done and put it away.

Then he asks for the cards that had the firetruck :)  He saw me printing them out and knew that somewhere was a picture of a firetruck.  So I directed him to the Association of Objects cards.  I demonstrated one and he picked it up quickly.  Each time he started with "I like ____ so I'll choose that".  He didn't quite understand the control card and wanted to know where the rest of them were. (I didn't put them all out.)  I think I'll add a few new ones soon.

Next he chose sweeping.  He liked this one, but after sweeping up about half of the pom-poms he decided that using the broom was too hard and brought it to me.  I encouraged him to keep practicing and he did a little.  Then decided it was time to put them all back.

I was pleased that he seemed to like the pattern cards.  I put one block out and he did the rest very carefully.  I have an entire video of it.  Then he decided to make his own thing.  He hasn't been interested in making anything with these blocks in over a year.

Then it was time to paint.  Link loves painting and has asked for it several times since we've moved.  Notice the switch from left hand to right .

He painted, colored with his crayons, and used his stamps.  At this point we'd been in the school room for about an hour.

After that he didn't know what to do, so I suggested the tweezer activity.  He picked up a few pom-poms with the tweezers, then tried putting one into the tweezers with his hands.  Then he resorted to using his hands to put the pom-pom on the hole and pushed them down with the tweezers.

I also had to suggest the clothes pins.  He liked it though and it was not too easy or too hard for him.  He used both his left and right hands individually, and both hands sometimes.  He was very proud as you can see.

After that he said he wanted to use the big rug.  So he got it out and after a few tries, unrolled it.  Then he asked me what he could do on it.  So I chose hanging clothes.   I put some things out that were too hard, I should have stuck to t-shirts.

Rolling up the rug was a little hard and messy, but he got it.

I was surprised he didn't choose the belt buckles sooner.  He saw me making it and wanted to try it before I was even finished.  He unbuckled them very easily and worked very hard at buckling them.

When he finished he noticed how loose one of them was, so he unbuckled it and I showed him how he could get it a little tighter.  Then he found a different empty shelf and put it away.

At 1:50 Bumblebee woke up.  So once Link put the buckles away we left the school room.  This seemed like a good time as he had completed most of the works on the shelves and would have probably been about finished anyways.


  1. Oh Melissa!
    I just love what you are doing here on your BLOG! The detail is what I love to see...it will give many moms ideas and hope that they too can do this! Your photos are stellar! Your children are beautiful and joyful in spirit! So proud of you!
    Karen Tyler

  2. Awesome! I'm trying to figure out what do do because I don't have a free room to specifically do work in. All of our things are in the living room. Any suggestions? Everything just ends up all over the floor. :-/

    Also, how long has your son been 3? Mine is only 27 months, and I am wondering what we should be doing development wise.

  3. Congratulations!!! Such a great way to start. and I am very impressed at how you record his work. I never could.

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    Honestly, I didn't do much "work" with Link until now. When I did, I brought the work out, we did it together then I put it away. I was just going through some of my old posts from 24-29 months, trying to remember what we did. There were puzzles, tong-cotton ball transfers, scoop beans, and match pictures. In the summer I'd give him a bucket with all different types of "scoops" and let him go at it. Until now, we haven't had a dedicated space, so my rule of thumb was if I didn't want to clean it up, I didn't leave it within his reach. So I usually only had a few of his toys out and changed them every now and then when he got bored with something. Hope that helps, and good luck!

  5. Hi Melissa, I'm in your class with Karen.: ) It's so exciting to see what you are implementing. Can't wait to see more!