Monday, March 12, 2012

School Day! & School Room Changes

Hooray!  We made it!  We actually spent some time in the school room for about an hour and a half on Friday.

I decided to bring Bumblebee in for a few minutes before his nap.  First, Link showed him everything in his sound boxes.  Then he gave a presentation on the pink tower.  That was all Bumblebee could take.  After that I was doing serious diversion because he was wanting to get into everything.  So he went to take his nap.

Then Link and I reviewed the sandpaper letters and read the /t/ and /b/ Sound Box books.  Two seconds of pencil sharpening.  Last we did the brown stair (using teamwork).  I would hand him the blocks and he would take them to the rug.  He doesn't put them out of order though, he just builds it.  He can do the pink tower, red rods and brown stair very easily, he just chooses not to.

I have decided that its time to redo the school room again.  Bumblebee is really missing out and is really ready to join us.  So, for the next week, instead of having school time, we'll be taking all the shelves apart and reassembling them differently in a different room.  I'll add some shelves for Bumblebee with his own works and I'll be adding some new works for Link.

I reviewed this old post over at What Did We Do All Day to refresh myself on handling a child under two along with an older one.  I also reviewed a few posts after that to get some ideas for what type of work Bumblebee may be able to handle at 21 months.  The youngest over there is exactly three years older than Bumblebee.  Specifically, this one, this one, this one, and I especially like this one.   Something about seeing other people's kids have fits makes me feel a little better about mine having them.  I just know Bumblebee is going to be a handful and I really hope I can handle it!  I just cannot see him sitting through a single presentation.  I also cannot see him leaving Link's shelves or work rug alone.   

I have to admit, I don't have a lot of patience and my kids do not seem as well behaved as the ones I read about.  I also have to admit, I avoid doing many things with both boys at the same time because I have a hard time keeping Bumblebee out of trouble.  He is three months shy of two and I am sure he has missed out on a lot that I did with Link by this time.  He doesn't listen - actually, he blatantly ignores me at times.  I am probably too easy on him.  There are two reasons (excuses) I have for this.  First, he is a small 21 month old (the size of a 12 month old) so I tend to expect less from him forgetting that he really is older.  Second, I think I was too hard on Link and I still feel guilty about that.  But I digress.

Next post - Updated School Room!!

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