Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baking Cookies & Other Fun

Since we've brought home the new baby (nickname is still under consideration, so for now, its just new baby) I've been trying to make sure that Link isn't feeling neglected.  It hasn't been much of a problem since I've got the sleepiest baby ever, except that we haven't been outside to play since we've been home.  Also, Daddy got Link this awesome Legos Fire Truck set and it has completely consumed his attention for the past week.

I put a ton of Link's toys away because they weren't getting much use, and they just tended to get spread around for me to pick up.  He has so much fun taking these things apart and putting them together in different ways.

In other news, Link has grown and eaten the first tomato from his plant.  He was quite tickled by it as you can see.

This past weekend he helped his Grandma and Grandpa pick cucumbers and tomatoes in their garden.  So he knows to only get the red ones.  Though to Link, a little red is red enough :)

He loves tomatoes.  They are the one vegetable that I can always count on him eating a ton of.

We also baked cookies today.  Emphasis on baked, since we didn't really make them.  Baking them consisted of the following:  Getting the bag of pre-made (highly processed/preserved) little squares out of the fridge,
finding the cookie sheet under the oven
and putting it on the counter.
Then he climbed up on his stool and posed for me :)
After I cut the squares out, he placed them on the cookie sheet.

I only had to take raw cookie dough out of his mouth once.  Then he sat down while I put them in the oven.  (I taught him from the time he could walk to always sit down far away when I had the oven door open, now if I open it, he'll run to a spot and sit)

After putting the cookies in the oven, he washed his hands and ate half a cookie. I'm including pictures of him washing his hands because he's finally getting to where he can do this on his own and I'm a little tickled by it.

And since he was there and could reach it, he always like to take his temperature.

I should mention that Link does NOT always have access to the sink (I don't want to pay any more for water than I already do).  We move this stool around the house for him since it's too heavy for him to move.

I really wish I had one with sides and a back so I don't have to worry about him falling off backwards.  But, it works for now.  He has a smaller stool that he can carry around that is only about a foot high.  Maybe Grandpa can make him a new stool by the time he starts doing more cooking in the kitchen (hint, hint).

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