Sound Boxes

I do not have a miniatures collection to pull from for my sound boxes.  I have to find things around the house and borrow them.  So, I decided to make a page where I can put all of my ideas for each letter as I think of them.  That way, if I've put the box away for a while and need to get it out again, I don't have to start from scratch.   Suggestions are welcome!

I've had to start adding things that I don't have miniatures for.  I have been printing the pictures and making little books with them.

A - apple, alligator, ax, ant, 

B - butterfly, banana, ball, boat, book, bear, box, bracelet, bottle, bat, bullet, bunny, button, batman, barn, belt, buckle, battery, blue block, baster, brush

C - coffee cup, coffee, car, compass, camel, candy, crayon, cable, cow, carrot, clown, can, cookie, cracker

D - diamond, dice, dog, dolphin, duck, dropper, dime, dump truck, drill

E - elephant, egg, escalator, elevator, eskimo, elbow 

F - fish, frog, fork, feather, fox, fireplace or fire, flamingo, french fries, flower, finger, fan, football, feet, funnel, flashlight

G - goat, goose, gun, guitar, grapes, golf ball, garden, glasses, glue, glove, grass, 

H - hat, hammer, hanger, hand, heart, honey, horse, hospital, house, helmet, hippopotamus, helicopter, hay

I - igloo, insect, iguana

J - jam, jellyfish, juice, jacket, 

K - key, kite, kitten, kangaroo, 

L - ladybug, lake, lamp, leaf, leg, lettuce, library, light, lip, lizard

M - mailbox, man, map, marble, marker, mask, match, mouse, milk, mitten, mom, money, monkey, moon, mountain, mouth, muscle

N - nail, neck, needle, nest, nose, notebook, nut, necklace, napkin, newspaper, noodle, newt

O - octopus, olive, 

P - paint, pancake, paper, park, pear, pen, pencil, pickle, pie, pig, pizza, plane, plate, playground, police, popcorn, potato

Q - quarter, queen, 

R - rabbit, rake, rice, ring, river, road, robin, rock, roof, rose

S - sail, sand, scarecrow, scarf, scissors, screw, seed, sink, skate, sky, snail, snake, snow, soap, sock, spider, sponge, spoon, stick, stop sign, sugar, sun, sweater, swing

T - table, tail, teeth, tent, tiger, toe, tomatoes, tongue, toothbrush, train, tree, truck, 

U - umbrella, underwear, 

V - van, vest, volcano, vase

W - watch, water, whistle, window, wing, wood, worm, wrench, wrist

X -

Y - yak, yarn, yoke

Z - zebra, zipper, zoo

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