Thursday, September 5, 2013

"I Hate School" says Link!

We have officially started kindergarten, though you can't tell by watching our family. I really thought all this time that if I had great activities on the shelves that Link would be drawn to them. And if he wasn't, then getting the work out myself or inviting him to work with me would work. But for some reason he has decided that he does not like anything to do with school. Bumblebee is definitely learning in the school room, Link not so much.

So I've backed off, a little. We go for a walk in the morning. We read lots of stories. I try to sneak in phonics games. Sometimes he'll do some math, but not the three days a week I was shooting for. 

We go to Classical Conversations once a week. Though honestly, as a play date more than anything.  We join a Charlotte Mason (CM) group once a week. We are using Montessori for phonics, math, and geography/cultural studies. We use CM for things like cultural, nature, artist and composer studies. Which, at five years old, means we read stories like Old Mother West Wind, James Herriot's Treasury for Children, and maybe James Baldwin's 50 Famous Stories. 

I am feeling very frustrated with Link right now. Almost to the point where I think "maybe I should just send him to school if he's not going to work with me!"

I have to threaten to put all his Legos up just to get him to work for a little while! I'm tempted to put every toy in the house up, but I think that would just drive me more crazy! I keep saying I'll just give it a little more time, he'll come around. I hope I'm not messing up!