Sunday, March 13, 2011


Why do I have such a hard time thinking of things to make for lunch?  Seriously, PB&J has got to get old sometime; then what will I feed Link?!  I do not like spending 2 hours making a gourmet lunch, but if I could think of anything he'd eat, I'd do it!  All the recipes I find online are too complicated and more than likely he won't eat them.  Who likes broccoli and chicken nuggets anyways?  Last time I tried to feed him a chicken nugget, he said "that's a hash brown" and could not be persuaded otherwise.  He eats chicken fingers occasionally, spaghetti, plain meatballs, PB&J of course, and cucumbers.  Sometimes he eats quesadillas.   Anything else is hit-or-miss.  He used to eat fresh green beans and asparagus, frozen peas, and carrots. He won't touch any of those now.  I envy moms who can whip up healthy meals for their kids and actually get them to eat.  I feel lazy when all I can ever get Link to eat at lunch is PB&J.

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