Tuesday, March 27, 2012

School Day - A Little Better

We had a decent hour in the school room.  Once the boys seemed like they were done, I opened up the doors and now they are playing outside.

Bumblebee stayed busy of course.  Link either wants to help him (in other words, do his work for him) but only while Bumblebee is doing it.  Link will only do work if I'm working with him.  He got a few metal insets down to trace.  I suggested tracing the geometric cabinet trays (since that's what they are for after all!) but no.  Then I asked if he wanted to try the red rods again.  We spent the rest of the hour attempting to identify the rods.  Unfortunately he is constantly counting randomly and looking at me like "is that right?"  It's like he wants me to say no thats wrong :)  I don't know how to handle this.

So I have two problems.  Link won't work independently.  Link intentionally does things wrong.  What do I do?


  1. I wish I could offer more to help you, the best advice I can give is be as consistent as you possibly can with school, and if possible leave the school room open for Link. Sometimes their time for school is different from ours:)I love how you prepared the boys school room. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks! I leave the school room open to him, unfortunately, its in the basement and Link doesn't like to be on a different floor from me :) I really enjoy your blog by the way. I get a lot of good ideas and its very helpful reading your observations!