Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where Are We...?

I thought once the summer was over, I'd have more time for blogging.  That has not been the case.  It seems as though I'm busy all day and crash at night, with no time for sitting at the computer.

Little Beya is now 9 months old and into everything.  School time was so scarce and Link was so bored, that we made the decision to put him in preschool for 3 hours a day.  He is loving it!  We mainly did it to give him the opportunity to make some friends.  He wanted to so badly, but I was having a hard time giving him the chance to get out of the house.

I still plan to homeschool him and I'm working on a plan.  It will include Montessori, but maybe some other things too.  (I'm thinking Classical Conversations or Charlotte Mason).  I know, these things are as far from Montessori as you can get, but there are aspects of them that I like.  I wish, wish, wish there was a Montessori school around here, but there is not!

I'm using the time that Link is in school to have one-on-one time in the school room with Bumblebee.  It has been really nice.  I've never had time with just him!  He is really enjoying it.

I may be able to post updates, but I may not.  So much has changed and I've had so much to share, I wish I had the time to do it more often!

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