Friday, May 31, 2013

Montessori Math Materials

Since Link finished up preschool I decided to slowly ease into homeschool this summer.  So every day we are going to do a little bit of reading, writing and math.  So far, the reading and writing from Logic of English are going well.  The math is going slow, mainly because its a little too remedial for Link at this point.  However, I'm also getting the feeling that it isn't going to be as hands on as I would like.

I've been doing more research into Montessori Math because I'd like to use it as well.  I've been going over MBT post about bead materials for use at home, trying to figure out what I'd have to buy for just this year.  What she suggests would be roughly $400 for just beads.  That won't include the Stamp Game, Ten and Teens board, and any other boards that may be necessary.  

Gettman has a nice list and since his book is geared for "under-fives" I'm thinking I should try to get just what I need for his presentations.  This is what I'm looking at if I follow his suggestions:

(from Gettman, pg 161)
Group 2: Decimal System
Limited Bead Material
Number Cards
Function of the Decimal System
Formation of Complex Numbers
Unlimited Bead Material

Group 3: Tens, Teens and Counting
Introduction to Teens
Introduction to Tens

Group 4: Arithmetic Tables
Addition Snake Game
Addition Charts
Subtraction Snake Game
Subtraction Strip Board
Subtraction Charts
Multiplication Charts
Unit Division Board
Division Charts

Group 5: Abstraction
Short Bead Frame
Long Bead Frame
Simple Division

His book doesn't go into detail for all of the presentations, so I've also been looking for a different Math Album that is more concise than the one I have.  I have the Karen Tyler math album, but I like the simplicity of the Monteaco Album to get a handle on the general idea of the topics we'll cover.  I also like Meg's albums from Montessori by Hand.  Since I have those in pdf format, I've added them to my iPad and will be using them as my primary math resource.  Her table of contents breaks things up into similar groups, but with finer detail.  (By the way, I highly recommend her albums, they are great!)

I've been looking around at prices, and the best I have found so far is at Adena.  I can get the Golden Bead Material, Addition and Subtraction Snake Games, and the Stamp game for $200. (They are out of stock of the Teen boards, but they are an additional ~$50)  That's with $30 shipping.  I could swing that, if it would get me through the year. 

I still have to read through all the presentations to see what is needed for each one.  But from what I have read so far, it seems like I can get all the way through Multiplication with the Bead Bars before I need anything else.  Then I would need the bead stairs, multiplication board, unit division board, small and large bead frames, and fraction material.  

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