Saturday, November 23, 2013

More Math Materials Already?!?!

It seems like I just bought math materials, and I thought they would last a year! (Then again, I did get a late start on presenting some of those works.)  I'm getting ready to present the Tens Board, which leads in to counting to 100 using the boards.  My MBH album has "Linear Counting: 1,000 and 100 Chains" listed as the next presentation.  It seems to me that the 100 Board would be in there somewhere too, but neither Gettman nor MBH list it.  We could probably be working on these for two months or so.   In any case, I don't have either of these materials, so I'm going to have to make another order!

Time to make sure I have a better understanding of the math periods before I make this order.  Last time I didn't understand how they overlapped.  I think I'll make a separate post dedicated to that!  At least this time I feel as though I am committed to the Montessori approach to math, so I feel more comfortable about making a bigger purchase :)

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