Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Day 2 & Movies

Today didn't go as well as I'd hoped.  We went in at 9:10.  Link asked to glue some things onto his painting from yesterday.  Then he did the buckle box.  At 9:36 he said he didn't want to do anymore activities, could he watch a movie?

I should mention that there is an ongoing debate in our house about watching TV shows.  We don't have a TV, but we have tons of movies and shows on our computers.  Link goes through phases where he wants to do nothing but watch movies.  If he doesn't have it for a while, he stops asking.  Daddy sees nothing wrong with it, but he's not here all day listening to "I want to watch a movie", "I don't want to go outside and play, I want to watch a movie", "I don't want to play in my room, I want to watch a movie", "I'm not hungry, I want to watch a movie" - you get the idea.  I don't see a problem with him watching 30 minutes to an hour a day.  The problem is, when that time is up, I get nagged all day.  I have to redirect him and find things for him to do.  Before this movie marathon started, he played independently - no nagging.  I guess we will see where it goes.

I'm not sure why Link didn't want to do work today.  It could have been because he was tired (he didn't get enough sleep last night), it could have been because he had already done the activities and wasn't interested in doing them again, or it could have been that he just wanted to watch a movie.  In any case, I feel compelled to add a new work every day to peak his interest.  Ideally I'd do this once a week and he'd be set for the week.  But, since we're new at this, he may need some incentive until he gets into a routine.

No school tomorrow, Bumblebee has an appointment.  Maybe that will give me time to put something together for Thursday.  I feel like I'm in a race with Link - I have to find and make new works before he gets tired of the old ones and regardless I need to add something new each week!  Luckily, I have Karen Tyler's manuals to draw from!

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