Sunday, August 28, 2011

School Day 3

Our third day in the school room was very nice, but I could see that Link is already bored with the activities.  He wanted to do mostly art.  I thought today I'd post my notes in their raw format just to show what I do while he is working.  While he is working I don't want to be too tied-up at the computer, so I try to have just enough detail that I can refer back to them to see what he is interested in or having difficulty with.  Since I take pictures while he's working, I'll throw those in the notes as I go.  As I said, these are just my notes, and I'm not going to edit them, so please excuse how rough they sound!


took the land, air, and water pages out and will just talk about each piece to ensure he understands each one

10:15 - glue and tape pieces from cutting, asked for macaroni to glue

cleaning up some glue

10:50 - i showed the tong transfer - he used his hands, i showed him how his hand would not fit in the small container, so he said he could just dump it.  turned into a transfer, he did it very carefully! at first he dropped a few, then he figured out if he nested them they wouldn't fall out when he tipped them over

10:55 - chose the association cards, did a great job matching, didn’t do it the way i showed him, but he explained it well.  maybe need another presentation. he put them away very well, i got out some of the new ones and helped him put them on the mat in a line the way I demonstrated

spent a few minutes pulling tape off of his legs from earlier
11:05- we went through the land, air and water cards, he learned a few new names
11:20- tape again, with scissors tried cutting on lines, both held side with lines on the bottom
11:30 - i hang, he's not interested
11:40 - he tapes, i get out the tweezers and he offers to help
notice the tape in the back

11:47 - more tape and paper

12:00 - he helped me sweep for about 1 minute, starts looking for more tape since he is out.  i suggest the buckle box, which he does
a little crossed :)

12:05ish - i try the What Does Not Belong sheet, but it doesn’t go that well.  He sorta understands, he did the teeth cleaning line and the cat/dog line, but wasn’t sure about the other two.  i suggested that we put it away and try another day.
12:15 - markers
12:20 - thought we were all done but nope, found the googly-eyes!!
he has puddles of paint, so all he has to do is drop the eyes in
admiring his work

12:27 - lunch


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