Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Busy Busy

We haven't had much school time this week, but we've been busy.  I'm potty training Bumblebee.

My mom couldn't believe I let him outside with just undies.

We also made play dough one day.  This is Bumblebee's first time helping out in the kitchen really.  Honestly, with three kids, its too inefficient to have little helpers very often.  I'm trying to make a point of letting them help more though.  Since they aren't that interested in the school room right now, I might as well use that time in the kitchen, right?
Setting up

Big scoops

Stir, stir

Little scoops

Bumblebee is saying "in there, in there" to Link.

Stir, stir

Play, play.  The cookie cutters didn't work, the dough was too soft.

But drilling is always fun.

He had a little story to tell me about what he made :)

Today we made sweet potato muffins.  Both boys helped and both boys enjoyed eating them!

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