Monday, April 2, 2012

Practical Life

A conversation with Link:

Me: Want to learn what some numbers look like?
Link: Do I have a new activity?
Me: Yes, if you'd like to learn what some numbers look like.
Link: Well, how about you teach me how to wipe my butt.  That way, next time I have to go poo poo I'll know how.
Me: Well, I'm not sure you can reach good enough for that.
Link: Yes, I can, I just reach like this (shows me how its done)
Me: Ok, how about we wait until next time you go poo poo
Link: No, how about we do it now.

Am I weird because I still want to take care of that particular "care of self" area?  I suppose I just want to make sure he's clean :)


  1. Could it be that because you are holding back on practical life skills that he is not developing interest in other areas? He does seem very eager to know which is the opposite to how he is in school no?

  2. I saw your question on the playschool group and wanted to check out your blog because I have three boys, all the same ages as yours.

    My four year old has been wiping successfully for several months. I, too, had concerns about the effectiveness but my husband instituted a "check wipe." After he is done, we check to make sure the job was finished. Now he just shows me a clean wipe because he does it so well himself.

    Here's an example of the older teaching the younger (or, the benefit of watching): My two year old was very interested in potty training, and we went forward with it even though I am nursing and we just moved to a new state. Anyway, he has done awesome and I've just been low key about it. He still has accidents. BUT, he is fully #2 trained AND I couldn't believe it when he came in to me and said "Mama, check wipe." He wipes really well on his own, with just a little help from me. That beats nasty diaper changes any day! I am always amazed what my children learn when I just step back and let them. :)

  3. Wow, I think I need to stop worrying so much and give him a chance :)