Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Material Review

Both of my material purchases went very well.  I received everything I ordered, there was some damage, but I think it will be taken care of quickly.  I contacted both companies and they said to let them know which pieces were damaged.

First, my A Plus order:
The cylinder blocks, number rods, geometric cabinet and cards, large movable alphabet and knobless cylinders were perfect as far as I can tell.  The maps were a little damaged.  Some of the knobs came off and a few of the corners were pretty mashed.  I received shipping confirmation the day after I made the order and received the order about 7 days after it was placed.



IFIT order:
I ordered a lot from I fit, so I'll just say that almost everything was in great shape.  There were a few disappointments.  The metal insets had several pieces that wouldn't lay flat.  I could bend some back, but others were so deformed that when you put them down, there was so little surface contact they would spin and be impossible to trace.  The broad stair had two pieces that were dinged up.  I didn't like the imbucare box with the rectangular prism, but its not damaged.  I received shipping confirmation two days after I made the order and received the order about 6 days after it was placed.


I had a little helper to unwrap the small items for me.  The geometric solids were all wrapped individually.  Link also enjoyed doing all of the animal puzzles as I unpacked them.

Overall, I'm very pleased with both the quality and the customer service from both companies.  If the replacement of the damaged items ends up being difficult, I'll come back here and edit this post.

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