Sunday, October 30, 2011

No Time for School Today - We're Making Banana Bread :)

Link has always helped me make things in the kitchen, and banana bread is a favorite.  I added a step this time just to give him a chance to do some cutting.  He wants to do it all the time, but there are so few things he can really cut, that he doesn't get the opportunity very often.  He enjoyed it, but his little hands got tired :)

See the look of concentration?

He'd rather not get banana on his hands, but he still managed to get the pieces into the bowl.

He tried cutting with his right hand, but it didn't work as well.
It was more like shredded banana.

Peeling the banana was also hard work.

It's a little easier from the bottom end :)

He had to put it down, his hands were getting too much banana on them!

Breaking the walnuts into smaller pieces.

He broke some, and ate quite a few :)
That's all the pictures I took.  After that we were measuring things and pouring them into the bowl.  He (usually) likes the hand mixer, once he gets used to the sound.

One of the activities I want to add to the schoolroom next week is leveling a measuring cup and spoon.  Getting the big measuring cup out of the bag is a challenge, making it level is even harder.  Wait, next week is tomorrow!  I guess I'd better go work on that now :)

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