Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Materials Purchase

I finally did it!  I spent way more than I had originally planned, but I ordered everything I thought I'd need for the next year, plus some.  Thank you to everyone who posted comments and offered advice.  This was a big deal for me, so I took everything into consideration.

I ended up ordering from two companies - A Plus and IFIT.  Here's the breakdown:

From A Plus I was originally only getting the cylinder blocks and number rods since they were out of stock at IFIT.  But then IFIT went out of stock on their $18 Geometric Form Cards.  They wouldn't ship them separately for free, so that would have been an extra $12.  It irritated me a little that I was about to spend $761 at their store, and they couldn't swing the $12.  (It would be silly for me to pay $30 total to get them later, and if I waited they would probably go out of stock on something else.)  I really wanted to get both the cards and the cabinet from the same place.  So I ended up ordering everything from A Plus that was cheaper.  (It evened out - some things were more, others were much less.)  My total there was $481 (it would have been $507 at IFIT) plus, since I spent over $400 I saved about $30 on shipping.

Cylinder Blocks
Numerical Rods
Geometric Form Cards
Geometric Cabinet
Puzzle Map of USA
Puzzle Map of World Parts
Puzzle Map of North America
Wood - Large Movable Alphabet
Knobless Cylinders

Below is my order from IFIT.  As you can see, I threw in a few things I didn't plan on getting.  Since we're about to have baby #3, I decided to get a few infant toys.  My first two boys have LOVED the cylinder imbucare box and coin box that we've had for the past two years.  I think these three infant toys will get a lot of use as well, and the price was not too bad.  I bought a gift card from IFIT using a Visa Gift Card I got as a rebate on our appliances for $526 when I thought my order was going to be $761.  I was going to have to use two forms of payment and this was the only way I could see to do that.  Well, once I decided to move some items over to A Plus, I was sorta stuck using that balance at IFIT.  So I added some botany and zoology puzzles and the metal insets.  

Pink Tower Only (Beech Wood)
Geometric Solids With Bases (Beech Wood)
Sandpaper Numbers with Box
Sandpaper Letters, Lower Case Print with Box
Numbered Spindle Box with 45 Spindles
Sandpaper Double Letters, Print with Box
Broad Stair (Beech Wood)
Third Box of Color Tablets (Clearance)
Long Red Rods (Beech Wood)
Globe of the World Parts (Clearance)
Globe of Land and Water (Clearance)
Binomial Cube (Beech Wood)
Box with Bins
Object Permanence Box with Tray
Imbucare Box with Rectangular Prism (Clearance)
Tree Puzzle
Flower Puzzle
Seed Puzzle
Bird Puzzle with Skeleton
Frog Puzzle with Skeleton
Horse Puzzle with Skeleton
100 Golden Bead Units (Box not included)
100 Golden Bead Units, Wood Beads
Metal Insets with 2 Stands
Geometric Puzzle Board
Fish Puzzle with Skeleton
Leaf Puzzle

Once I get everything I'll be sure to follow-up with a review and my school room setup!

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