Friday, May 4, 2012

Letter Search

I've mentioned before that I love, love, love the Sound Box Books by Jane Moncure.  Lately, when Link and I are reading them, I ask him to find all of the letters on the page that make the sound that we're reading about.  He enjoys this, so I thought I'd try adding a Letter Search activity to his sound boxes.  I got the idea from My Boys Teacher over at What Did We Do All Day of course :)  She made some like this, but in one of her comments she mentioned she couldn't share them.  Since I had to make them anyways, I thought I'd share mine :)  Enjoy!



  1. Thanks Mel! The best place to share these would be in the language section of the DIY materials collaboration:

    It would be great if you'd add yourself to the link list (I can do it, but it's harder for me to do it for someone else than for them to do it for themselves). I'll also link to these the next time I add to the sound bins posts (should be next week). Thanks for doing this, it's a lot more work to make them so they are sharable than to write over the old file for each letter like I did.

  2. Great, I've added the link!