Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tae Kwon Do

We signed Link up for Tae kwon do!

I wish I'd thought of it sooner!  There were several reasons we thought it would be good for him, though I think it will take a while to see the results.

  • He has so much energy and needs a good outlet for it.
  • He is very physical, often in a bad way.  They really stress that he should only "do his moves" if he has asked.  My hope is that he'll get his need to hit out in a productive way and not feel the need to do it all the time to other people.
  • Self control will come with time, but is reinforced in his class.
  • Reinforcement of what I try to teach him at home (respect, courtesy, integrity).
  • Exposure to things I can't really give him at home (leadership, teamwork).
  • Social interaction.  He gets very excited any time he's around other kids because its not something he gets to do often.  It's like he knows how to interact with adults, but not other kids :)
  • Safety.  They use something called safetyNetkids to teach them,  in a nonthreatening way, how to react to different threats.

So far, he's only been for two weeks.  He loves it!  It's odd though, if I ask if he wants to go, he'll say no, or not today.  But when we go anyways, he has so much fun and says he's glad he went.

I'm really hoping this will be something he will continue as he gets older, and all the boys can do it together.

I also plan on signing him up for swim lessons in June.  Unfortunately, the two younger boys will be along for the ride until they are old enough :(

We will be getting back into the school room soon!






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