Saturday, June 8, 2013

Leaf Rubbings & Repeating Works

I think I've mentioned a few times that Link doesn't really like to repeat works.  Well, now I'm starting to think I just didn't have the right work for him! A few days ago I decided to make him a nature journal for collecting leaf rubbings, drawings and pressed flowers.  We watched a video on how to do leaf rubbings and it really peaked his interest.

First we spent a good bit of time making notebooks.  I got the idea from Counting Coconuts, but decided to use my new binding machine so that we could add pages and so that it would lay flat.  Link was so excited that he didn't want to wait for the rain to stop.

Leaves from the yard.

Decorating his nature journal.

Rubbing the leaves.

In the video, she used copier paper to make the rubbings, then taped them into her journal.  Link could rub his directly into his book, but that would take away the fun of the taping :)    He did a few directly onto pages, but then he decided to cut them out and use the neat little tape dispenser that I bought just like the one in the video.

I am trying to teach him about taking notes about what he sees.  So I ask him questions to give him ideas, then ask him what he wants to write.  He dictates very specifically what he wants.

We finished making the books late in the day.  Even though it was late I decided to let him do some rubbings.  The next day, he wanted to do more!  I have a feeling this is one work that he'll repeat often, especially when we start collecting leaves on our morning nature walks.  (So far he has just done the trees in the yard.) 

We also pressed some flowers, just like in this video.  I'm sure Link will enjoy gluing those into his journal as well.  

I have noticed that he likes watching videos of things before we do them.  Its almost like it gives the process more credibility.  I may have to think about doing that with some of the Montessori presentations, then following them up with an identical presentation from me.  

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