Thursday, June 6, 2013

Purchasing Bells

My newest dilemma is bells. I'm so irritated with myself for not doing this a year ago as I had planned, when it would have cost me $30, plus about $10 for paint. I had printed my coupon, confirmed inventory at the store and everything. I just didn't make the time to do it. Now Hobby Lobby doesn't carry them and they are $50 each (I need two) plus shipping everywhere else.  **Edited to add** I just found this set for $35 with free shipping!**

So to make them would now cost ~$120. Not to mention the time I would invest taping and painting 16 bells. I could scream!  $40 if I had done it when Hobby Lobby had them!!  It may seem crazy, but now I'm at the point where I think this $190 set of Montessori bells would be my best bet.  So I've gone from spending $40 to (thinking of) spending $190. Nice job slow poke!!

So, roughly $120 for homemade bells or $190 for Montessori bells?   Hmm, they look so nice... But, I have no experience with this company, nor have I heard of any other bloggers buying from them.
If I made them, I think I would get the desk version since they are the same price as the handbells.  I'd want them to use mallets since I think my kids are not normalized enough to not go crazy shaking them.

Is it worth it?  Should I even do the bells now that its going to cost me so much?  ....... I think so.  Link will hopefully be starting piano lessons in the fall and I know he'd get some of this there.  But I don't have a piano (he'll have to practice down the road) and I want him to get as much experience with it as possible.

When I explained to my husband that I was thinking of painting the bells to save $70, he insisted that I get the montessori bells.  So I did!!  They'll only take a month or two to get here :)

Two of the bell sets don't match.  I'll update when I hear from the company :)

Well I contacted the company about 3 months ago, and never got a response.  Guess I'm stuck with bells that don't match :(

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