Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Break

We had two great weeks of school, then we had company for two weeks!  Now we have to get back in our grove (and I need to get my house cleaned!)  I'm also working on getting my bells on the shelf.  I am almost finished making the "board" for the bells (out of felt) but I forgot to get black, so I have to go back to the store.  I am finding that shelf space is becoming an issue, and I don't even have much out yet.  (I cleared the shelves and started fresh.)  Each time I think I have a system of organizing the shelves, I have to move something.  I'm sure it wreaks havoc on my kids sense of order!

I am also feeling the need to revisit my scope & sequence.  I am scared that I'm missing something.  I plan on adding a tab for Bumblebee as well since I need to get him started at the beginning.  He had gotten so used to seeing the pink tower, red rods, brown stairs, and cylinder blocks that he had a tendency to either ignore them or abuse them.  I'm hoping if I wait a while to get them out, they'll be like new again.  They weren't out for him before, they were out for Link.  You would think that the beginning Montessori works would be less stressful for me, but they aren't!

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