Friday, September 16, 2011

Hh Sounds Like Honeeeeey!

Link has really been into sounds lately.  I do not play I Spy like I should, but when I think of it, I throw it into our day.  We were reading a Dr Seuss book before his nap yesterday and rather than read it like I used to, I was using it as an opportunity for I Spy.  When we got the 'H' and I asked what begins with h (using the sound, not the letter) Link jumps up and says with enthusiasm "h sounds like honeeeeeeey".  (the pictures to choose from were hen, hat, horse and hay)  I should mention that if there is something that Link really likes, he has to draw out the word and say it with a very mischievous smile on his face, and Link really likes honey.  He also found something that sounds like PoohBear, but I'm sure you can figure that one out on your own.

I have gathered quite a few little object for starting a sound box.  My grandmother has LOTS of nicknacks and has become my go-to person for school related things.  She put together a fantastic assortment of objects and covered almost every sound.  I'm going to start out with just a box that represents one sound.  Link likes going through the objects and I figured it would give us a chance to make sure we've covered all the sounds. Then, I'll do a box with two sounds and see if we can sort them together.  That will get us through Stage 2 of I Spy (as Gettman explains it).  I have some I Spy books that will help us through Stage 3.  After that, if he seems ready, I think I'll introduce the sandpaper letters while continuing the stages of I Spy.

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