Thursday, September 29, 2011

New on the shelves and the marathon school day!

Before we left for vacation last week I added several new activities to the shelves.  Link only had time to do one or two, so he was very eager to go to the school room today.  We spent three hours there the first time and an hour the second time!  When I put his brother to bed for the night, he asked to go again! (we didn't)

Tonight I'll just mention the new activities:

  • color box (I took out the 3 pair from Box 1 and put in about 10 pair of color swatches I picked up from Lowes)
  • Classification cards - farm and ocean pictures
  • What does not belong
  • Dinosaur matching - I printed two of these to use as visual discrimination cards (I figured they would be more interesting than the leaf ones)
  • Same / Different Cards
  • Fall cutting strips
  • Pouring beans between two cups
  • Locks w/keys
  • Money sorting - nickels, quarters, and pennies
  • "B" sound box - bat, batman, boat, bunny, brown bear, blue block, barn, bottle, belt w/buckle

One of the three hours we spent in the school room was not doing an activity.  Daddy went to Atlanta this week, so while he was there I had him pick up various sized boxes from Ikea.  Link helped me put 6 of them together today.  Talk about pincer exercise!  Each box had about 12 holes to be pushed out and 4 screws with nuts to be attached.  Link did almost all of it with me holding the box together.  

Tomorrow (hopefully) I'll have some pictures of the new activities and a rundown of the three days we've had in the school room this week.

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