Saturday, September 3, 2011

School Week

We only went to the school room twice this week, I hadn't even intended to do that, but Link asked, so we did.  He wants to do things, but apparently not the things I have out for him!  I added a dropper activity, which he really liked, but still only did a few times.  I don't have pictures today and I'm not going to go through the entire (short) sessions, just mention a few things from my notes.

I think I need more pouring activities.  The rice scooping always turns into a sensory experience (in other words, he digs his hands around in the rice, mixing it up) and a pouring exercise.  The water pouring is the only activity, other than the new dropper, that Link actually choose to use without prompting.

Both days we were only in the room for an hour, most of which was spent glueing or cutting.  I chose some activities, sometimes Link assisted, sometimes he did not.  Since I'm taking Karen Tyler's online course, I decided to ask her about Link being uninterested.  She suggested that I just need try different activities to find his appropriate level, interest and need.  So, I'll keep trying different things and keeping notes, hopefully I'll determine what he needs and his interest will peak.

As a side note, Link has noticed that certain words sound similar.  I try to play I Spy with him, but I don't do it often.  He noticed that Bret sounds like bread, and peach sounds like pizza.  I'm really excited about starting more language activities with him.  We're out of town for a week, but hopefully when we get back I'll be ready!

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