Thursday, September 15, 2011

No School This Week

We have had a busy week after being out of town for a week.  Monday we unpacked and rested, Tuesday the landscaper, appliance man and carpet man all came by, and Wednesday was the farmers market and other errands.  So Thursday I get to clean up after being gone all day Wednesday, except for the time we stopped by the house to make a mess.  I'm also going to try to get some materials put together while the boys are sleeping.

I didn't intend to have school time as I haven't yet changed the activities.  However, when Link and I went down to tell Daddy good night, Link decided it would be a good time to show Daddy all the things he could do.  I was amazed!  He chose things he has NEVER chosen on his own.  He folded towels, hung clothes, transferred with the dropper, matched land, air and water cards, matched blocks to the pattern cards, cut and pasted, and even matched color tablets.  It all only took about an hour.  Then I suggested that we head to bed.  By this time even Daddy and I were tired.  I had to nudge Daddy a few times to keep him from putting his feet on the table, shaking the color tablet box and starting to point out an error Link was making.  Later I mentioned to Daddy that Link knew how to do the activity, so having the error pointed out would not help things, and Link may be embarrassed, especially because the entire reason Link wanted to do the activities was to show Daddy.

In other news, I'm close to being ready to make my material purchase.  I haven't decided between buying $200, $400 or $500.  I've also gotten a little more advice on what to order and where to save.

I don't have any photos from our night with Daddy, but I do have a few from our last session that I didn't share and one of my boys "fixing" my table.

Teaching little brother how to fix things

Mixing rice with his hands
Fist time with dropper

Land, Air and Water cards with goggles ;)

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