Thursday, November 3, 2011

No Time for School Today - Mommy Has to Run Errands?

I feel really guilty about constantly not making time to go to the school room lately.  We essentially have three weeks left in this year that we'll be home to do school, and I am having a hard time getting in there!  I haven't added the new works either.  Tomorrow I plan on having Link help me put a new table together for him, which will probably take up all of the time we would use for school.  Then, we're having company again so we probably won't go back until the middle of next week!  

On a good note, Link and Bumblebee helped me wash the windows this week.  I also made progress on the dressing frames!  I have most of the sewing finished, and this weekend the wood will be cut.  I just have to sew on a few more hooks and eyes, paint the wood, and staple the cloth on.  I also made it to the store to get golf tees finally.  I've been saving some styrofoam to let Link do some hammering and he's getting rather impatient about it :)

Oh yeah, and we went Trick or Treating :)


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