Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Doing Work (Picture Heavy!)

We haven't had a lot of school time this past week, but we have gotten some work done.  Before our company arrived Link helped me assemble his new table.  Well, actually, he helped me assemble the stool, then said I could do the rest.  Before starting he helped me sort the hardware and count to make sure we had all the pieces.

First, he walked around and around turning the wrench.

Then he decided to try sitting down, but it was hard.

He figured out how to get some leverage :)
We didn't really go to the school room for these activities.  We just did them, then when we were finished I put them in the school room.   I know this is a lot of pictures of the same activity, but I love the faces he makes!

This is why we needed a new table, the little one would have been way to small!

He had to get his tape measure out, because that's what Little Bear does when he's building.
He tried taking them out with his pliers, but it didn't work as well as his fingers.

You know you need to make some marks so you get it right...

This hammer is "real" and works much better.  It also looks like Daddy's.

So that new activity has been a total hit.  He does it every day.  I also tried a new one using a slotted spoon and some acorns we picked up at the park the previous time we had company.  This is one of those times when I wonder if I should be demonstrating more, or just standing back.
 He pours in the water and stirs them up a bit.  Then starts trying to scoop.  I told him the process, but did not demonstrate.  He does things so ambidextrously that I don't know how to show him!  I was hoping it would just come naturally.
He dropped a few, then switched hands. As you can see, he really wasn't sure of the best way to hold the spoon either.  But, it was working, so I just waited.
 He seemed to get more comfortable at the end.  I think he did it this way pretty successfully.
Then he dried a few.  After about five, he said I could dry the rest.  I helped and he put them in the cup. This one will stay on the shelf until he has cleaned then a few times.  Then we'll use the acorns for other things.

Oh, and the suspenders are his "worker man" attire.  He wears them for part of the day almost every day.  Its either suspenders, or his fireman outfit :)

During all of this I sometimes try to prepare things in the school room or read up on my presentations.  Often, preparing anything distracts him from his work.  I was trying to cut shapes out of felt, and so of course he had to help.

He loves cutting and I don't think he's had a chance to try cutting felt.  So I gave him some and he told me he was making an activity for me :)

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