Friday, November 11, 2011

School Days

We made it "into" the school room twice this week.  That really just means that on the other days we did activities that were not on the shelves, but these two days Link actually chose something from the shelves to do.

I introduced the Continents Globe and the Map of the World Parts.  Link took to this presentation very well.  He also chose to look at his sound boxes.  I think the only thing that is drawing him to the sound boxes is the book that is in each one.  I think that was all we did that day.  He's not that interested in the other works and we haven't had as much time because Bumblebee's naps have been getting shorter.

The next day Link wanted to paint his bus.  I found this little wooden bus at Wal-Mart for like 98 cents.
Painting the lights

He gave a commentary on what he was doing...
making a road, power lines, and little foot prints from walking ;)

The finished product.

 When he finished painting he wanted to do his map and globe again.  He only wanted the sandpaper globe for me to use.  He also did not want to do this on a rug.  It had to be the table, which is probably better anyways since his knees always end up on the material.

He wanted to match up the pieces to the corresponding continent on the globe.

I added the /e/ box, but it only has an elephant and an egg... kinda sad.  I also have the envelope in there with the pictures from the alphabet photo library.   Right now I have the c, d, and e boxes on the shelves.

Below is the activity I've been working on.  I originally thought it would be a good replacement for a hammer and tack set.  But, I don't think hammering the little push pins would last long.  Link almost always does things the easy way.  (For example, if it is easier to pick up acorns with his hands than it is to use the spoon, then thats what he'll do.)  I am hoping it will at least be fun and help his pincer grasp.  The idea is the same as the hammer and tack set, but uses push pins instead of nails.

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