Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting Home & Getting to Work

We got home last night about 6:00.  As soon as we walked in the door, Link wanted to do some activities.  I managed to get him to eat a little dinner and wait until Bumblebee was in the bed, then we spend a good hour in the school room.  He wanted to hammer and whisk first.  Then I asked if he wanted to build something.  He decided to take three blocks from the brown stair out, built a "Brown Tower" and put it back.  He looked like he might use the cylinder blocks for about 2 seconds, then decided to cut some paper instead.  He showed Daddy his globes and told him all about them.  Then punched some holes.

I had to wrap it up so he could go to bed and he was out like a light.

We're working again today.  He's hammered and whisked again of course.  After that he needed to write and cut with his scissors.  I have been encouraging him to get his whisking activity out and ready by himself.  He needs a little reminding when it comes to putting it away, but I think he likes the fact that he is doing it all himself.  Plus, he gets to use the sink :)  For the first time in a while he got the beans out to sweep up.  He did a little sweeping, then used his hands to put them on the dust pan.  Pouring them back into the little cup was a cute challenge.  He said "oh, another mess" then cleaned up all the ones that didn't make it in using his broom to sweep the majority of them.  He repeated that process until they all made it into the little cup.

Link is funny about his work rugs. Sometimes he likes to choose a rug, then find an activity that fits that rug.  Today he wanted to do "a little one" so he chose the tree puzzle.  However, after he took the puzzle apart he decided it was too hard and his little rug would make a good cape.  I explained that if he wanted to play, we could put his school things away and go play.  He tried the tree puzzle  again, then pulled out the horse puzzle since he couldn't do the tree.  After finishing the horse I had to help with the tree so that he could put it away.  Then he was ready to go play with his cape!  I noticed the bowl and whisk were still missing, so I asked him to bring it back before going to play.

Bumblebee is awake, so I think we'll all color for a while.

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